WSQ Travel Grants


The WSQ instigated this award to assist WSQ members attend conferences, symposia, etc. to enhance their knowledge of weed or pest animal science/management and promote the involvement of WSQ and our members in such activities.


Awards are only available to current financial WSQ members and preference will be given to members actively involved in the WSQ.

Awards will not be available to members who have received WSQ travel assistance in the previous 2 calendar years.


Applicants may submit applications for WSQ travel grants at any time directly to WSQ will provide assistance on the basis of strict guidelines and may grant more than one award in a calendar year. Recipients will be notified within two months of receiving an application.

Submissions should be brief but include details on the level of weeds or pest animal -related work undertaken by a member; specific research or practical weed or pest animal science/management activities; as well as past and current involvement with the WSQ. The submission should state reasons for travel, the benefits to Queensland weed or pest animal science/management from the travel, and benefits to WSQ. The submission should also outline personal benefits expected to accrue from the travel.

A panel of three suitably qualified WSQ members will judge submissions. The panel will judge the submissions on:

  • Involvement in weed or pest animal science /management in Queensland
  • Involvement in practical weed or pest animal science/management issues
  • Involvement in the WSQ
  • Relevance of travel
  • Commitment of member to weed or pest animal science/management
  • Perceived benefit of travel to the WSQ, and the broader Queensland community
  • Presentation standard of submission

The Award

The Award can be used to cover fares, accommodation, conference registrations or other costs associated with relevant travel. The maximum amount awarded in any one year will be $2,000. The WSQ will pay the grant directly to the recipient on evidence of significant commitment to undertaking the travel.

On returning from the travel, the member will be expected to provide a written report within two months, outlining highlights, key personal benefits, and how they will use the knowledge and experience for the benefit of both the WSQ and the general community. If reasonable the WSQ may request a short verbal presentation at a suitable event.

WSQ Travel Grants WSQ Travel Grants (15 KB)