Weed Society of Queensland Award


This prestigious award is given by the WSQ to an individual for their outstanding service and contribution to weed or pest animal science and/or management.

The service or contribution may be in the form of:

  • a significant addition to existing knowledge
  • a new concept in management technique
  • dedication over time to the cause of weed or pest animal science or management


The award is open to both members and non-members of the WSQ, however only members may make nominations.


The executive shall call for nominations one year prior to the Queensland Weeds Symposium (QWS) or Queensland Pest Animal Symposium (QPAS) and nominations, together with relevant supporting details, must be submitted to the WSQ Secretary six months prior to the QWS or QPAS. Nominations shall be signed by five financial members of the WSQ.

A committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and longest-serving CAWS delegate will assess the nominations and the recipient will be announced, and the award presented, at the next QWS or QPAS dinner.

The Award

The award may comprise any object that can have a suitably inscribed plaque mounted on it for display. The inscription may change according to reason for the award. The total value of the award shall not exceed $120.

The WSQ may invite the recipient to give an oration at a suitable event in the following year. The WSQ will meet reasonable travel expenses to assist the recipient attend the presentation and/or give an oration.

Past winners

1988 Clynton Wells
1994 John Marley
1999 Tom Anderson
2004 Barry Whyte
2007 Rod Wood
2009 Chris Love
2013 Joseph Vitelli

Weed Society of Queensland Award Weed Society of Queensland Award (15 KB)