Student Travel Award - AWC/AVPC

This award aims to promote both interest and involvement of tertiary students in weeds, pest animals and weed and pest animal science in Queensland by assisting them to attend the biennial Australasian Weeds Conference (AWC) or the triennial Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference (AVPC).


The award is open to both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Students must be enrolled at an appropriate tertiary institution at the time of making a submission and do not need to be members of WSQ.


Students should send their submission to the WSQ via their Head of Department or immediate supervisor. Submissions must reach WSQ six months prior to the AWC or AVPC.

Recipients will be notified at least 1 month prior to the respective conference early bird registration closing.

Submissions should include details on the proportion of weeds or pest animals-related study in their course; any research or practical weed or pest animal science activities; and involvement with weed or pest animal science or management outside their institution. The submission should state reasons for attending the conference, and outline the personal benefits expected to accrue from such attendance.

Submissions should be brief, but address the selection criteria outlined below.

A panel of three suitably qualified WSQ members will judge submissions on:

  • Involvement in weed or pest animal science study (taking into account level of course)
  • Involvement in practical weed or pest animal science/management issues
  • Involvement in weed or pest animal science/management activities external to institutional commitments
  • Relevance of conference to student
  • Commitment of student to weed or pest animal science/management
  • Presentation standard of submission

The Award

The WSQ will assist one or more students to attend the AWC or AVPC to a maximum of $2,000 for each AWC or AVPC. The WSQ may choose to make partial awards to several students.

The award will contribute to fares, accommodation, and full registration expenses for a student delegate to attend the AWC or AVPC. The WSQ will pay these costs directly on behalf of the student, apart from a reasonable allowance for meals and incidental expenses.

On returning from the conference, the student/s will be expected to provide a written report within two months, outlining highlights, key personal benefits, and how they will use the knowledge and experience. If practicable, the WSQ may request a short verbal presentation at a suitable event.

Past winners

Student Travel Award AWC AVPC Student Travel Award AWC AVPC (23 KB)