Student Project Award


The WSQ Student Project Award was created to promote both education and interest in weeds, pest animals and weed and pest animal science in Queensland, and will be made to the best student projects in this field.

There are two annual awards each for weeds and pest animals, one for undergraduate degree or diploma students, and the other for post-graduate students.


Students must have undertaken the project while enrolled at an appropriate tertiary institution and do not need to be members of WSQ.


A call for manuscripts will be made in November each year and manuscripts must be received by January of the following year. All entrants will be notified of the results by May of that year.

Students should send the details of their completed project in the form of a manuscript, essentially ready for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to the WSQ via their Head of Department or immediate supervisor.

The manuscript should be no longer than necessary to adequately describe the work or review undertaken, and the main findings arising from it.

The subject matter of the project must relate to weeds or pest animals or weed or pest animal science. Topics may include:

  • biology
  • genetics
  • ecology
  • management methods
  • herbicides or pesticides, their mode of action, chemistry and environmental effects
  • monitoring or surveillance
  • spread or distribution modelling
  • impacts
  • biochemistry
  • bio-geography
  • weed or pest animal surveys and survey methods
  • economics of weeds, pest animals or weed/pest animal infestations and management
  • any other relevant study or review

A committee of three suitably qualified members of the WSQ will judge the projects, and submit their considerations to the WSQ executive for approval.

The committee will judge the written reports on:

  • originality and/or significance of the work
  • success in defining the problem
  • success in achieving the stated objectives of the study
  • methodology
  • interpretation of the information gathered and awareness of its limitations
  • clarity and presentation, including quality of illustrations (if required)

The Awards

The award for both undergraduate and post-graduate student projects will consist of a cheque to the value of $400 and one year membership to the WSQ.

If possible, a suitable presentation ceremony will be organised and the winners will have the opportunity to orally present their projects, but this is optional. Following the presentation recipients will have an opportunity to discuss their projects with WSQ members and respond to questions.

Where practicable, the WSQ will meet reasonable travel expenses to assist recipients attend presentations and/or give a presentation on their projects.

All unsuccessful manuscripts submitted will be given one year membership to the WSQ.

Past winners - Undergraduate

2003 Stephanie Sinclair   
1999 Louisa Matthew   
1998 Christina Brunsma  
1995 Gavin Inglis  
1994 Mark Sowerby  
1993 Robert Kelly  
1993 Ryan Taylor  
1989 Ian Broad  
1988 Jim Madden  
1987 Janice Wagner  
1986 Chris Love  
1985 Neil Greer

Past winners – Postgraduate

2007 Daniel Stock 
2005 Michael Widderick 
2004 Rowena Grey 
2001 Darren Kriticos 
1999 Sangita Shrestha 
1998 Ros Jettner
1997 David Anderson 
1996 Vicki Osten

Student Project Award Student Project Award (16 KB)