Queensland Pest Animal Team Award

The Queensland Pest Animal Team Award award for team excellence in pest animal management is a prestigious biennial award to honour the hard work, achievements, contribution and collaboration in the management of pest animals in Queensland.


To recognise and reward any project, ongoing or completed in the last two years, that has, or is, achieving exceptional results in on-ground pest animal management and has, or is, delivering an outstanding contribution to pest animal management in Queensland.

The contribution may be in the form of:

  • a significant addition to existing knowledge
  • a significant contribution to increasing stakeholder awareness of pest animals and/or pest animal management
  • an innovative or outstanding pest animal project
  • a new concept in pest animal management planning or techniques or standards
  • establishing collaborative and cooperative pest animal management
  • consistently achieving outstanding on-ground outcomes


The award is open to pest animal management teams in Queensland. The team may consist of WSQ members and non-members, however only financial members of the WSQ may make nominations.

A team is a group of interacting individuals sharing a common goal and the responsibility for achieving it. The team may be made up of individuals from one or more organisations.


The executive shall call for nominations 12 months prior to the Queensland Pest Animal Symposium (QPAS) and nominations, together with relevant supporting details, must be submitted to the WSQ Secretary six months prior to the QPAS. Nominations shall be signed by five financial members of the WSQ.

A committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and PAB representative will assess the nominations.

The award will be presented at the next QPAS dinner. At the same QPAS dinner a representative of the team will be invited to give a presentation and the WSQ will meet reasonable travel expenses to assist the representative to attend. Three months notice will be given to prior to the QPAS dinner to allow the representative to prepare a presentation and make preparations to attend.

The Award

The team will have their name engraved on the Queensland Pest Animal Team Award perpetual trophy and may display the perpetual trophy at their place of business until the next QPAS.

The team will also receive a certificate for each team member.

Queensland Pest Animal Team Award Queensland Pest Animal Team Award (16 KB)