Whether you’re battling feral pigs in the channel country, tilapia in the north or boa constrictors and rabbits in the south The Pest Animal Branch has you covered.

Formed in 2009 the PAB was welcomed into the Weed Society of Queensland at the 2010 AGM. The addition of the branch came about in recognition of members growing involvement in both weed and pest animal research and management, and the Weed Society of Queensland’s long-standing commitment to the Queensland Pest Animal Symposium.

The purpose of the branch is to promote wider interest in pest animals and their management. It also provides opportunities to exchange and disseminate information and ideas based on research and practice and provide advocacy for members and their interests.

To date, there are over 70 financial members of the WSQ (PAB). Membership entitles you to participate in all organised activities, receive Weedshine (the quarterly newsletter which now includes pest animal-related articles) and entitles you to discounts on registration fees for future Queensland Pest Animal Symposia, Queensland Weed Symposia and the Australasian Weeds and Vertebrate Pest Conferences. The WSQ (PAB) can provide financial support to members allowing them to attend training and conferences, deliver field days and assist with development of educational material. For more information visit the awards section of our website.

The WSQ (PAB) is the only independent body in Australia currently of representing the interests of pest animal managers and researchers. Anyone who is interested in pest animals and their management can become a member by simply visiting the membership page. Be sure to select “Yes I want to be identified as a member of the Pest Animal Branch”.

If you have a suggestion on how the pest animal branch can be improved, would like to be involved or need to discuss anything in more detail, let us know by contacting our pest animal representative or secretary or via our contact us page.