General Activity Sponsorships


The WSQ may grant funds to other groups or individuals, to assist activities such as field days, literature publication, and the promotion of weed and/or pest animal science or management.


The WSQ will fund individuals or groups with obvious and demonstrated commitment to promotion of weed and pest animal science and/or management. We will focus on activities that result in wider appreciation and activity by the general community in weed and pest animal management issues.

Applications must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed event or publication.


Applications for funds and may be made at any time throughout the year. The application should be brief but contain all relevant details of how the sponsorship funds will be spent. Application forms are available from

The WSQ Executive will assess all applications and shall decide if, and what, funds are to be granted. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the assessment as soon as possible after an application is received.

The Award

The total WSQ general activity sponsorship for a financial year is not to exceed $2,000. We will generally limit funds granted to any individual application to around $500, with amounts of more than $1,000 only provided in exceptional circumstances.

We will only make funds available after receipt of specific evidence that the planned activity is well progressed, and completion is assured (to the best knowledge of all concerned).

General Activity Sponsorships General Activity Sponsorships (15 KB)