The Weed Society of Queensland

Promoting a wider interest in the management of weeds and pest animals.

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    Environmental Weeds

    Weeds are often defined as plants growing where we don’t want them to grow. Many weeds are plants that have escaped from gardens or agriculture and have become naturalised.

  • Get Involved

    Reducing the impact and spread of weeds and pest animals requires coordinated on-ground action by land and water managers as well as community volunteers in rural, peri-urban and urban areas.

  • Pest Animals

    Pest animals in Queensland include the familiar feral pigs, wild dogs, rabbits and feral cats, but also ants, bees, foxes, feral deer, reptiles and fish.

  • The Cost

    It is estimated
 that weeds cost the Queensland economy
 around $600 million annually. In addition, they impact just as significantly on our environment, health and lifestyle.


Membership provides the opportunity to network with society members, access a range of grants and awards, participate in all activities and to receive our quarterly newsletter Weedshine.

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The Weed Society of Queensland (WSQ) aims to foster interest and involvement in weed and pest animal science and management by granting funds to assist individuals or groups to conduct activities or attend conferences, symposia, etc. WSQ also seeks to recognise achievement in weed and pest animal science and management through several awards.

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The WSQ is one of the seven societies of the Council of Australasian Weed Science Societies (CAWS).

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